Sun Daughters Sea Daughters - Aimee Ogden

Bon, là, les bouquins SF dans lesquels il ne se passe pas grand chose de passionnant et qui reçoivent des brassées de praises parce qu'il y a une "belle histoire d'amour" et qu'on y change de sexe, ça commence à me saouler grave. Voilà, c'est dit.

Pour ceux que ça intéresse, la maison vous offre le résumé. Je ne prendrai pas plus la peine de le traduire que je ne prendrai celle de chroniquer cet insignifiant ouvrage que seule son écriture sauve un tant soit peu du néant.

One woman will travel to the stars and beyond to save her beloved in this lyrical space opera that reimagines The Little Mermaid.
Gene-edited human clans have scattered throughout the galaxy, adapting themselves to environments as severe as the desert and the sea. Atuale, the daughter of a Sea-Clan lord, sparked a war by choosing her land-dwelling love and rejecting her place among her people. Now her husband and his clan are dying of a virulent plague, and Atuale’s sole hope for finding a cure is to travel off-planet. The one person she can turn to for help is the black-market mercenary known as the World Witch—and Atuale’s former lover. Time, politics, bureaucracy, and her own conflicted desires stand between Atuale and the hope for her adopted clan.